Models wanted
Who wants to be a model?

The secret to a model getting published these days (beyond being really good) is to have a following. As in, lots of fans on a Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram. Hordes of thirsty followers who will seek you out wherever they can see the latest distribution of your likeness.

It makes perfect sense that publishers and editors are going to feature models who can bring an audience by name recognition and social media prowess. Does that describe you? Would you like to build up your own fan base so you can argue that they need to give you that publicity?

Savvy marketing (and the ability to set yourself apart from the crowd) are more critical than ever! It’s no longer about being the most beautiful model (although being gorgeous certainly does make it easier to collect fans).

With short attention spans, you have to update your “content” (photos, videos, blog posts, etc.) often or slip into obscurity while a model more driven to produce these things steps up and steals your limelight.

That’s where I come in…

I have been a professional photographer since 1990, shooting for magazines, newspapers, websites, and television programs for most of that time. Both as a producer and a consumer of imagery, I’ve become adept at understanding what people want to see. My career has also involved writing articles, interviewing celebrities, editing photos and videos, and generally being a content bad-ass.

Just like you, I’m keenly aware that to stay on the radar, I need to constantly produce new content that people crave to see and share.

So here we are, with a mutual need: Model and Producer, muse and artist, seeking one another to make some beautiful art.  

I propose a collaboration: A professional arrangement in which we shoot at least once a month, creating multiple looks in one sitting that can be distributed over several days/weeks to our respective social media pages and accounts.

sexy girl in underwear
Do you want to build a following as a model? Need new images for your Instagram?

I bring my skill with making you look great through creative lighting and retouching, my decades of experience behind the camera, my marketing know-how, and my time… You bring your natural beauty, your skill doing your own makeup and hair, your outfits, your creativity, and your time. It’s a win-win for both of us: I give you what you need to make a big splash in modeling, you loan me with your likeness to use in photos that people want to see.

Such a collaboration requires that we each commit our time and resources. Time invested in you means time I am not spending on someone else who may be equally or even more committed to succeeding.

While I understand that you don’t want to feel obligated, I do feel I the need to express that, from my perspective, this is not something you should enter into unless you are serious and plan to stick with it for the long-term. If you aren’t serious, I wish you a happy life. If you just want some pictures so you can brag to some guy in a bar about you you’re a model (but don’t actually want to work at it), I’m happy to sell you some gorgeous photos that will accomplish that. If you’re serious about doing what I’m proposing, let’s start brainstorming and get to work!

This isn’t about having some creepy photographer trying to get into your pants or having to flirt with one of them to shoot with you. It isn’t about some guy trying to insert himself into your life as a manager or sponge off your popularity (although I’d love to see you become a runaway hit). This is about two professionals with a clear goal and no monkey business. I’m all for having fun, but I prefer to keep my photo shoots free of drama. It would be great if we became friends, but I have no hidden agenda about this being a dating service.

On your end, you’ll need to stay in shape (working out, watching what you eat) and I’ll expect you to show up ready to work – just as you’ll expect the same of me. I recommend also investing some time in interacting with your fans so you can build a connection that translates into likes and possibly products sold (photo sets, personalized videos, etc.). If you think of this as your job (even if it isn’t yet), you have an opportunity to form relationships that can pay off.

We can be smart and stay organized. Plan ahead, shooting Valentine’s content in December rather than waiting until two days before and expecting it to look worth a damn.

That’s my proposition. Who will step up and show me just how serious she is?