“I have shot with My Sweet Oasis several times, and it’s been great every time. MSO is very professional and always brings good creative energy to the shoot. I always have trouble picking which photos to post after the shoot because I get so many great ones back!”
Jessica Nicole Lewis

Photo of a model
Tara Lynn Overby

“My Sweet Oasis is one of the most professional individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with! MSO adds personality and a touch of class to everything while always keeping the main objective first! Top-notch in the field and highly recommended by everyone I know in the industry.”
Tara Lynn Overby

Mara 46

“I loved my photo shoot! I was nervous at first and didn’t know what to expect, but MySweetOasis made me feel so comfortable! I loved that the photographer was so considerate of leaving the room or turning around when I would need to get adjusted! I also loved that I had a man’s opinion & perspective on my poses. I wanted boudoir photos done and my friend Becky, who is a model, told me MSO was very professional. Now I know for myself!! Thank you so much for the beautiful memories captured in your photos!!”
Mara Morgan


“My shoots with My Sweet Oasis has been more than picture taking, besides the breath taking images that I have submitted for multiple calendars, MSO has brought alot of work to my table as well. I remember our first shoot together was for an American Honey Calendar shoot and it was at Tin Roof Birmingham… Today my picture remains in Tin Roof for exposure! I have also had the pleasure of shooting with MSO in Panama City Beach during spring break for a National Swimsuit that I have been selected for the past two years. My most recent shoot with this super awesome photographer was definitely a hit: I got a little face time with HollywoodTuna.Com and over 500 likes on my Facebook Modeling Page. So not only is his work phenomenal, it gets you where you are trying to go! I look forward to shooting with My Sweet Oasis to rock just a few more brands! wink
Jessica Miller


“A true artist. Brings a creative eye to the work that is beyond compare. Having the pleasure of being a model and a client, I have always enjoyed collaborating with MSO. Not only easygoing in nature but extremely helpful in providing direction to groups or inexperienced subjects. My wedding pictures were fabulous despite the heat of South Georgia in August during a heat wave. MSO was able to capture my big moment with fluidity and grace, and I am grateful that I made the right choice!”
Marki Meisburger Mason


“I owe my modeling career to My Sweet Oasis. I would not be appearing in magazines like Men’s Health, UMM and Maxim or as an internationally featured Cyber Girl on Playboy.com if MSO had not seen potential in me and hired me for my first photo shoot. MSO encouraged me to try modeling and then to take it to the next level.”
Candace Rae


“It’s a wonderful experience each and every time working with My Sweet Oasis. The talent is beyond measure. MSO appreciates a woman’s beauty and truly emphasizes that in the work! Such a great attitude and very professional. MSO’s creativity is amazing and the ability to know when to take the money shot is fantastic! Not only is MSO an outstanding photographer, MSO has also become a wonderful friend of mine.”
Hanna LaBritt 


“I never modeled, did pageants or acted or sang in front of a crowd when I did a photo shoot with My Sweet Oasis. I have always had serious stage fright and gotten nervous under any level of attention. I was not only completely within my comfort zone, but it also ended up being one of the most beautiful photo shoots of any of my friends who model professionally. MSO is great for someone like me who had no clue what to do. I would recommend MSO to anyone in need of a photographer, whether they be a super model or just a friend who needs event pictures, headshots and more.”
Emily Jordan

“Have to say, this was one of the funnest most professional shoots I have done in my career.. I had a blast and My Sweet Oasis made me feel right at home… Very comfortable and he was Extremely professional (: Thank you so much MSO for my amazing pictures… You are the best!!”
Adalyn Brooke


“My Sweet Oasis is a very loyal and honorable person to work with. MSO is not only diligent, but committed to a high level of quality in everything done. I have had the pleasure of knowing MSO for many years and have enjoyed the consistent up-beat conversations. I would certainly recommend MSO, both professionally and personally.”
Jocelyn Anne, President of True Intimates Lingerie

“One of the best shooters around for many years. I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with My Sweet Oasis for a shoot in 2011. MSO has always been the photographer to see for outstanding images and ideas. MSO never fails to deliver superb work and the talent for taste is matchless. I’d be very happy to work with MSO in the future again.”

Kalai Kennedy 

“My Sweet Oasis hired me for an assignment where those same photos were seen by the editors of nationally-known SHAPE magazine. The pictures landed me not just one but two spots in the Feb & April `05 issues. Much appreciation to MSO’s incredible skill & talent I was able to reach a fitness modeling goal for 2004.”
Kelly Layne 

“I can honestly say that (My Sweet Oasis) has been a huge promoter of my name and work. In many ways, I feel the site has pushed my online ‘˜celebrity’™ status up quite a lot. Have I referred other models? ABSOLUTELY! I’m so glad MSO allowed me to edit it before it was posted. A lot of magazines would have taken that and run with it, but MSO was considerate enough to let me choose.”
Daniella Bae

“My Sweet Oasis was great. I felt really comfortable and at ease with the whole thing.”
Aimee Rickards